What is The Social Teahouse

The project was founded in the year of 2014 by Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva in Varna, Bulgaria. It aims to support young people with complicated family background and provide them with an opportunity for independent lifestyle. In 2015 The Social Teahouse opens its doors as an alternative social and cultural venue, where youngsters with distance to the labor market get their first contracted job.

The idea was based on three stages:

  1. Mentorship program where the youngsters develop skills and common knowledge/understanding on their civil rights and obligations, improve their social and communicational skills, emotional intelligence.
  2. Participation of the youngsters in training program at the Teahouse where they develop their professional skills in the service field.
  3. Provision of first job and opportunity for inclusive growth and independent lifestyle.

Annual Report for 2015

Annual Report for 2016

You can support the future of a youngster from an orphanage by investing in our mentorship program. Thank you!


Association “IDEA”
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Association “IDEA”
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