To open the circle

At the beginning of May 2021. The Social Teahouse became a finalist in the “Ready to Grow” program, part of the “Let’s Open the Circle!” – Project for expanding the Social Tea, by opening new branches in different cities in Bulgaria.

Name of the initiative:

„Ready tp Grow – Let’s Open the Circle“

Aim of initiative: 

„Expansion of the social enterprise “The Social Teahouse” by creating connections and new branches in different cities


Project budget: 10 250.00 EUR

Project period:  May – December 2021

The support under the “Ready for Growth” program will be received under financial and

non-financial form, in connection with the expansion of the Social Tea and the scaling of its

activity. Opening of Social Tea Houses in other cities in the country and expanding the activities.

The financial support will be provided in two tranches, with 70% of the funding amounting to

at BGN 14,033.08. will be received by June 2021. The remaining 30%, amounting to BGN 6,014.18 will

be payable by September 2021

The project will also provide non – financial assistance in the form of consultations from

external experts in order to develop a strategy to increase the impact of the activities of

the organization. Tools for analyzing the expansion approach will be provided.

Individual consultations by external experts, as well as with specialists from ING Bank in order

developing a working business model.