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Dear friends of the Social Teahouse,

Since the autumn of 2014, we have given our best for the Teahouse to strive. We wanted to create that cosy space, in which youngsters without parents feel protected, supported and inspired to learn and prosper. 

We were part of different competitions, we applied for various projects, we wrote letters, we organized campaigns, we attended trainings, we did presentations, we cleaned, cooked, cried, and laughed. 

In the meantime, the Teahouse grew – from a former bank, the building transformed into a warm place for meeting new people, organizing events, and making friends. The mouldy smell was replaced by the scent of tea and freshly made waffles with chocolate.

In that time, we helped more than 25 youngsters to start working and many more received mentorship help through our collaboration and work with the family-type centres, where the youngsters live. We provided a comfortable environment for hundreds of citizens to study, work and have fun – something that was missing in our city just several years ago.

We are now turning to you, our friends and supporters, for help.


If you are:

❤️ Someone, who wants to donate funds for renovation of the last part of the Teahouse, which is now a storage but we want it to become an office and a meeting room for our team, you can use our bank account:

Фондация Социалната чайна, IBAN: BG69UNCR70001524068066, SWIFT: UNCRBGSF

❤️ Someone, who has a birthday soon and would rather support a cause than get presents. You can ask your friends to donate for you and support the Social Teahouse through PayPal or ePay

❤️ Someone, who can spare 5, 10, 20 BGN monthly and help us through regularly donations on Patreon;

❤️ A company or an organisation, which is planning a party, training, meeting or an event, please, have them in the Teahouse. When you do the math, you end up having a good time and supporting a cause with the money you have given.

❤️A business, which wants to be truly socially responsible and wants to donate a reasonable sum because you think what we do is important;

❤️ A foundation, which sees in us sense, meaning, and solutions and would like to take part in through a partnership or a donation, which will help us to go forward;

❤️An institution, which can include us in their social programme, because they recognise the achievements of the youngsters we are working with  and they know that there will be no results of there is no effort given.

Everything that is happening in the Teahouse at the moment is thanks to all of you – the people who believe in our idea, our dream, and the potential of the children and young people we are working with. 

Get in touch and share your ideas with us!

Thank you for helping us grow!

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