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Our partners

The Social Teahouse is a multi-layered project, which brings together a network of the institutions, representatives from the civil sector, and the citizens. We could not have achieved it without the socially responsible business, which along with us works towards a world, in which the children, who have grown up in institutions, have equal opportunities for development and an independent way of life similar to the one of the kids growing in traditional families.

The development of personal and social skills and competences, improving the quality of life of the children and young people with limited access to the labour market and ensuring an opportunity for personal and professional experience is a process and the results are a fact due to the work we put in collectively.

Each event with a coffee break and catering, each business meeting, lunch, teambuilding, or lecture organized in the Social Teahouse is contributing to our initiative.

We deeply appreciate the support of all our partners who have helped us through the years in spreading the cause dedicated to the social inclusion of the youngsters and we thank them for the work we have done together.

If you are a company representative or an organisation, which is looking for its place and cause, so not hesitate to get in touch.